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Tutorial: How to Hack PSP 3004 [Latest PSP SLIM Hacking Guide]

Step by step guide to hack PSP 3004

Pre requirements and getting ready

  • PSP 3004 and USB data cable
  • Full Charge your PSP battery
  • You must have PSP firmware less than or 5.03, if you have higher firmware, then you are out of luck as there is no way to downgrade firmware as of now.
  • Original Sony Pro Duo memory stick or Sandisk Pro Duo memory stick, I used Sandisk 8 GB Pro Duo

Important Note: If you don’t have original Pro Duo card for your PSP, I recommend not to use my tutorial, as chances of data corruption and reading errors while hacking might brick your PSP 3004 and currently there is no way to unbrick PSP 3004.

How to check if your Pro Duo is original:

Go to memory stick, press Triangle button on your PSP, then go to Information, press X, if MagicGate Supported, then you have the original Pro Duo card, if its MagicGate: Unknown or anything else, 100% chance is that you have a fake memory stick Pro Duo.

  • Lets begin the PSP 3004 Hack : Upgrade Firmware to 5.03 (STEP 1)

First you have to upgrade your PSP firmware to 5.03, Download this 5.03 Firmware file, connect your PSP to PC in USB mode, Double click on downloaded exe file. It will copy firmware data EBOOT.PBP on your PSP, Now go to GAME -> Memory stick -> Firmware 5.03 -> Press X , this will upgrade the firmware to original 5.03 firmware in a couple of minutes.

  • PSP 3004 Hacking Tutorial: Installing ChickHEN R2 (STEP 2)

Download ChickHEN R2, extract to PSP 3000 folder on desktop and double click on EZ503HenSLIMversion.exe, it will bring up this

PSP 3000 hacking tutorial

Connect your PSP and click Install, It will copy necessary files to your PSP

Press O to disconnect from USB mode and go to PHOTO -> Memory stick->ChickHEN -> Press X -> PSP will boot in ChickHEN R2 mode, you can verify this by going to System-> System Information , it will show ChickHEN 5.03 now

  • PSP SLIM Hacking Tutorial: Install 5.03GEN-a Custom Firmware (STEP 3)

Once you have ChickHEN 5.03 now you can go forward and install 5.03GEN-a, which will allow you to run ISO/CSO image backups of your PSP games on PSP 3004.

Download PSP 5.03 Custom firmware

Extract the files to PSP 3000 folder on desktop

PSP 3000 HACK files

Double click on Launch-Me.exe, Enter the letter of your PSP memory card, In mine it was E, click START.

PSP 3000 hacking tutorial CFW GUI

Files will be copied on your PSP, wait 20 seconds. Disconnect from USB mode, go to Game -> Memory card -> INSTALLER LOADER -> Press L or R Trigger -> Press O to boot in custom firmware

Congrats, You have successfully hacked your PSP 3004.

Try not to restart or shut down your PSP, you will be saving a lot of trouble

Note: This hack will be gone once you restart your PSP, so keep your PSP in suspend/standby mode.

If you restart/shutdown your PSP, you have to repeat from STEP 2 again. This might be painful till eternity if you did not follow correctly.

Remove the h.bin and egghund.bin manually

use EZ503HenSLIMversion.exe to copy the files to your PSP again(see Step 2), shut down your PSP and Start it again, as standby won’t work, Now go to PHOTOS and wait for 5 seconds, Press X, ChickHEN should load up, if its not then try again. I got it working again after some 20 tries.

Now follow Step 2 for CFW, but without pressing L or R trigger just press O button and it will load custom firmware for you. You just revived your PSP with CFW

ChickHEN R2 not loading: Try these steps, only once

  • Format your original memory card, fake ones won’t work properly
  • Restore to Default settings
  • Check if ‘UMD Auto-Start and UMD Cache’ are set to off
  • Remove your Pro Duo card and Insert again
  • Restart your PSP

Follow STEP 2 again, wait for 5 seconds before going in chickHEN images and Just keep trying this until it works.

This guide can be used to hack PSP 3000 all versions and PSP 2000 having TA-088v3 motherboard with firmware version 5.03


  1. here is the file u can download the latest version also

  2. for me it works till you download the chicken files.if i try to click x on chicken ,my psp freeze's.please help me by sending me what to do .my email id is


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